Featured in The Edge Nov 2018 Issue

Thank you for featuring Bike with Elena in The Edge Nov 2018 issue. In their special issue of The Edge It, successful local women and expats in Malaysia are featured in this issue. I am being featured¬† for my cycling passion. It brings joy to read what is written and as much as I like to continue my passion, things will slow down for now, until Elektra is a year old. I have delivered a healthy baby girl and would like to bond with her and bring her up like the childhood I had, and even much better. I want her to know the outdoors, the natural outdoors, the plenty adventures and discoveries while knowing your limits and boundaries. Looking forward to the adventures of motherhood and introducing her to cycling and my passion for the outdoors, hiking and the feel of ‘yugen’. It is a Japanese word which means the awareness that the universe is so profound that the emotions we feel when we try to contemplate it are too deep and mysterious to convey.

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