Wetland recce

A friend took me to the wetlands yesterday. Despite the heavy downpour, we managed to complete around 10km. We took shelter nearby the wetlands, chatting with the botanist and caretaker of the nursery nearby the wetlands.

It was already almost sunset by the time we entered the wetland. The sunset was so beautiful, egg yolk sunset peeking out far away as the sun sets. Managed to see few milky storks and lesser adjutants mucking at the muddy wetlands.

The highlight for me was crossing an overflow drain after the heavy downpour. It was very dark as we figured out which way was the tarmac road to get out of the wetlands. My imagination went wild as I pushed my bicycle across to the other side, of things that might be swimming int the lake. It was past 9.15pm as we completed our recce ride.

Brilliant recce. Would return for more.

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