Ulu Tupai

Over the weekend, I went hiking on Malaysian Nature Society’s VAD. It was a relaxing getaway. I had alot to reflect upon and this was a timely getaway.

I slept listening to the sound of the waterfall, lulled by the sound of the river, I fell asleep. I did not realize how long I knocked out before it started to drizzle. I awoke from my slumber and quickly made my way up to the ‘sulap’ / homestay up the hill. I had some hot coffee to douse my alertness.

This place was refreshing, away from the hustle and bustle and I reminded myself to return again.

We trekked uphill to Fantasy fall the next morning and here, it was about 15minutes on way to Fantasy Fall. Nice big pool awaits us. Lush green trees with clear waterfall calls me to swim in it. I had a swell of a time swimming and just laying afloat on the river.

It is always good to find oneself in the midst of mother nature.

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