The Island of Manhattan

As a guide, I try to impart as much knowledge I can to my guests. It could be on Malaysia’s culture, heritage, arts and her people. Last Sunday, I had a guest from Brooklyn, New York. He was a school teacher.

I shared about traditional chinese medicine and sea cucumber was on display. I shared the healing properties and how people consume it for health reasons. That in the rich soil of Malaysia, we are also blessed with sea cucumber (although over harvesting may lead to depletion).

He shared about the nutmeg story and Manhattan. I have heard about the Black Plague and the nutmeg. But did not know much about the island that was ‘barter trade’ in exchange for nutmeg between the British and the Dutch.

In summary, it is not always guides who impart or share knowledge. We could learn a thing or two if we have a listening ear and an open mind to learn.

Thank you for sharing Carl.

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