How do I pay?

You can pay using Transferwise/ Paypal while completing the booking to tikusdapurkk@gmail.com.  All tours will be secured by paying making a full payment. Do add in the Paypal fee for each transaction. It is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you are paying.

Example: USD75.00 + 2.9% plus $0.30 USD = USD77.47


USD45 + 2.9% plus $0.30 USD = USD46.61

How do I know my booking is confirmed?

Upon booking our tours, you will receive a reply asking you for payment and further details. After receiving payment, your booking is confirmed. Cut-off time for booking is usually 10 hours before start time of the tour. For example, if the tour is scheduled to start 7.30am 29 October 2021, the cut off time is 9.30pm 28 October 2021.

Do I have to book a tour in advance?

Space is limited on our tours to keep group sizes small, so we recommend booking in advance. Maximum no. is 6 pax, per guide. Should there be a large group, we can accommodate.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to limited space on our tours, our cancellation policy is as follows:

More than 72 hours – Full Refund Less than 72 hours no refund is possible

Please Note: We may be able to reschedule your booking if unforeseen circumstances arise. This is based on tour availability.

What if I am not confident to cycle on city road?

For safety reasons, in the event guest/rider is found not fit or competent to complete the bicycle tour (to be wobbly, not confident riding on city roads), we charge an administrative fee of RM280 and shall refund the remaining sum from the tour.

How are the routes like?
Do expect the unexpected, cycle off the beaten path, cycling along some moving vehicles, expect to interact with the locals (as they are curious about you) and come hungry as we will feed you with local food and drinks.

What if it rains? Haze?

Malaysia is located in the equatorial region, and has a tropical rain forest climate. Located near the equator, Malaysia’s climate is categorized as equatorial, being hot and humid throughout the year and the occasional haze, so it does rain here regularly (making it lush and beautiful!).  If we do get caught out during the tour, we will provide rain ponchos for rent free of charge or we’ll seek shelter until the sun shines again. We do understand that not everyone wants to get wet, so if it is raining 2 hours prior to your tour and you don’t want to go out in the rain, just call us and reschedule to the next available date/time.

Where do the tours start and end?

A small charge for pickup from your hotel for rides outside of Kuala Lumpur. For rides starting in Kuala Lumpur/ Brickfields, we will meet you outside Matic Carpark, 109, Jln Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

What time should I ready for the tour? What if I’m late?

We will pick you up on time as per arrangement before the tour for rides outside Kuala Lumpur.

Tours start promptly at the time stated. We cannot wait for late guests as this affects the experience of other riders. If you are late, please try calling us as we may be able to help you catch up to the group.

What information is needed to book the guided bike tour?

We would like to know your food allergies, medical conditions and height. Further information on interests and hobbies would be great to cater better to your needs. Email us to enquire at tikusdapurkk@gmail.com.

Should I tip my guide?

While not mandatory, tipping is appropriate and our guides certainly appreciate it for a job well done! As in other service-based industries, tipping encourages the outstanding service that our guides continue to provide. Please consider this when planning your monetary needs on the tour.

What if I haven’t biked in many years?

Our tours require basic riding ability and fitness and your guide will set a very relaxed pace. Expect to ride for a maximum of 15 – 20 minutes at a time between breaks. We make every effort to cater to the slowest rider in the group, but keep in mind that we have to try to keep our schedule on time. We stop regularly for information, bathroom breaks, and photo ops. Your tour leader will go over general group riding etiquette so that everyone rides safely.

Please Note: For custom or group tours, if your group would like to ride further or faster, just let your tour leader know and we can pick up the pace!

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Not a must but helmets are available for free and are always a good idea to put on.

What Should I bring? Wear?

We ride rain or shine! Be prepared for any kind of weather as the forecast can change quickly. If it is raining, see policy above.

  • Some cash for any goodies or souvenirs you would like to purchase on the way. We typically do not stop at souvenir shops, but may visit galleries, markets, fruit or vegetable farms or small shops where you may choose to purchase something.
  • Poncho in case it rains
  • Sunscreen to put on
  • Sunglasses
  • a cap
  • water
  • long sleeves and pants for the KL’s Most Haunted Places
  • Comfortable footwear (closed toe shoes) and bike-friendly clothes.Wear a light cotton top and shorts/Bermudas, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, water, poncho and sunblock. Jewelry, flip-flops, jeans, dresses, skirts, thick-clothes and valuables are discouraged.
  • Don’t forget your Camera!

Can I bring my kids on the tour?

In order to meet the needs of both children and adults, we ask that families with children 10 and under contact us to schedule a family tour. If your youngster is experienced on a bike and mature enough to spend the day with a group of adults, we would love to have them along.  Ultimately, you know your child’s ability the best.

Is there a minimum number of riders required for booking?

We want to make sure everyone who wants to come on Bike with Elena has the opportunity, so our tours outside of Kuala Lumpur require TWO MINIMUM guests. You may book in as an individual, but we may get in touch in the rare case that we have no other bookings to see if you want to change tours or dates.

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