Lepoh Waterfall Hike

Come and explore tropical rainforest and its beautiful waterfall near outback of Hulu Langat, Selangor. We will hike into the forest opening up our senses with sights, sounds and smells of the forest. Be prepared to hike 1.5 hours one way, 6.9km out and back trail near Hulu Langat. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 2 h 39 min to complete. This is a very popular area for camping and hiking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

This is an exciting adventure that showcases the region’s natural beauty and stunning scenery. The trail features a unique landscape with boulders covered in moss that can be slippery. To navigate this terrain, hikers should wear appropriate footwear and take necessary precautions. Additionally, it’s important to note that leeches are common in the area, so hikers should be prepared to encounter them. The first part of the hike wanders through a small rubber tree plantation, offering a unique and beautiful landscape. The trail then opens up to a more natural terrain, featuring beautiful rock formations and dense jungle. The waterfall itself is a stunning natural wonder, with a small swimming hole at the base and several campsites nearby. While at the waterfall, hikers can enjoy a picnic near the base of the waterfall, take a refreshing swim, or simply relax and take in the stunning surroundings. The waterfall is an excellent place to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. Reasonable fitness is required for this hiking trip.

Pickup from any KL hotel: 8am

Duration of hike: 1.5 hours one way

Start hike: 9am

Price: RM250 per pax

Includes: pick-up and transfer back hotel, permit fees from Forestry Department, pack food at waterfall, guide and first aid.

What to bring: water for the hike, insect repellant, camera, swimming gear, change of clothing, hiking shoes and hiking clothing.

lepoh waterfall swimming