Raptorwatch 2017

Volunteered for this years Raptorwatch event, the biggest spring migration annually in Malaysia. Raptors are birds of prey who feed on small animals like frogs, snakes, squirrels. They glide over the sky using thermal air using the shortest route possible to save energy. Every year they stop by Tanjung Tuan, one of remaining natural coastal areas in Malaysia for R&R. They come from Pulau Rupat, about 40km away from Tanjung Tuan.

I have been volunteering since 2009 and would grab every opportunity to make it to this annual event. I meet different people each time and it is great to exchange stories and ideas about conservation and migratory birds.

It is also a great reminder how small we are in this vast world we called earth. A humbling reminder that we are just passing through in this place called earth. That the beauty of mother nature could be taken away from us anytime. Our environment is so fragile. No one way about it. If we keep on doing what we are doing, at our rate, our generation may not be able to enjoy what we see today.



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