Qing Ming ride

Went to pay my respects on Qing Ming day, 5 April 2017. Most families would have paid their respects last week during the weekends-1 or 2 April 2017.

One rider came and we rode from I love KL icon to the oldest cemetery in Kuala Lumpur-Kwong Tong Cemetery.

Bright beautiful morning. We had breakfast in Chinatown alleyway and bought some flowers and ‘ang koo’. Three more promised to turn up but one called early morning backing out. Two more said they will turn up in the cemetery but we could not find them. We saw some families burning joss sticks, giving food offerings to their ancestors. From a distance, we could hear fireworks being fired up. To bring ‘ong, ong, ong’. These rituals have been practiced for centuries. I felt peaceful as I lay some flowers and ‘ang koo’ to some of the founding fathers of Kuala Lumpur. Their tomb look so quiet and bare.

We ended our ride at noon with banana leaf lunch. Here are some photos from the ride.

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