Commuting KL to Petaling Jaya blocked

While commuting to PJ using federal highway motorlane last Saturday, I found that a section was blocked. I had to dismount and push my bicycle along the highway. How else to commute safely?

The road then forked out, and I had no choice but to seek help from the construction workers. I asked them whether it is passable after the blocked section. They said you can try. They helped me to lift up my bicycle over the concrete slab, placed a pail for me to climb across (like how they used to, to get back to work onto the motorlane) and it was passable as work has not begun on the other end.

Picture below shows the block section of the motorlane where commuters use to get to Petaling Jaya. I dismount and pushed my bicycle along the highway and where the roads diverged, I had to ask the construction workers for help. I climbed across the concrete slab and cycled the remaining motorlane which is still passable.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-26 at 14.34.06.jpeg

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