Expat Choice Asia: Cycling Through KL’s Hidden Secrets

Tell someone you’ve been on a bike excursion in downtown Kuala Lumpur and they’ll probably raise an eyebrow or two.

From a safety standpoint, the humble treadly may not seem to be the ideal mode of transport in a big, bustling, traffic-crammed, metropolis.

But the experience worked for us. We rode ‘em, survived, and loved it!

We’d set our alarm clock at our digs, Lanson Place (a Small Luxury Hotels of the World property), for an early start. If you are going to spend hours negotiating the vaporous boulevards and alleys of tropical KL, then you’re best to do it before it gets too toasty.

As the morning street sweepers were still at work, we cabbed it to nearby KL City Gallery, a popular gathering place, to meet our guide, Elena Mei Yun, principal of Bike with Elena and Kindoyo Nature Biking.

Elena was easy to spot. Surrounded by folding bikes, she looked ready for the Tour de France. Originally from Sabah, she is one of KL’s best known cycling enthusiasts.

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