Morning & Night Markets

One of Malaysia’s attractiveness is its morning and night market. In almost every suburban neighbourhood, there is usually two night and morning markets running the same week. Here you could understand the demographic of the neighbourhood by looking at the things being sold at the market.

Food and drinks variety, CDs, clothing, pet food and snacks are sold at night markets compared to morning markets. In the morning, fresh produce are sold. They come straight from the sea or farm. For pork butchers, they arrive as early as 2.00 am. They start work by cutting their pork into smaller pieces, preparing them for sale in the morning. That’s life of a butcher. For fish mongers, the drivers would transport the fish from Klang, Jeram or Mersing, Johor as these are fresh sea fishes. To prevent these markets from disappearing, let us take you through an authentic Malaysian night market.

Check out our Morning and Night Market Tour.

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