Introduction: How Bike with Elena began?

Bike with Elena was founded by Elena on 17th April 2016. It is a social enterprise working with the local communities to create awareness about sustainable tourism, transport and living. It comprise of a group of passionate cycling advocates advocating for sustainable transport and active mobility through cycling and tourism. Her team enjoys taking visitors cycling and exploring about the country’s arts and history, cultural heritage while contributing to the social economy of the community.

We hope to promote sustainable tourism, sustainable transport and living for communities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) no. 11 & 13. We also help other people find their own means of creative expression through cycling.

She and her team conducts bicycle clinic workshops since 2017. Basic bicycle maintenance is taught to participants whereby they get hands on experience on the bicycle. She was invited to conduct the workshops at University Malaya collaborating with Sustainbale Transport Department and Residential Colleges in the campus. She also collaborates with Local Agenda 21, conducting bicycle workshops as and when required during LA21 events and gives her input on the upcoming 9km Sungai Bunus bicycle lane-Kampung Baru Ayer Panas. We collaborate with Bike Commute KL to promote 15 minutes city and first mile last mile commuting.

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