Gunung Murud

Over the weekend of 12-17 May 2017, I managed to hike to the Kelabit highlands. It was a trip I planned since last year. I want to complete my G12 (highest mountains in Malaysia) soon before my legs turned jelly.

We took two flights to get to Ba’kalalan. One from Kuala Lumpur to Miri and later transfer via Twin Otter Mas Wings to Ba’kalalan. The most dangerous flight in Malaysia as weather and wind condition dictates whether the flight takes off.

The hike to Murud was tough while descending as I had the wrong shoe. My rubber shoes kept rubbing against my toe nails causing my toe nails to hurt. I took off my rubber shoes and walked bare footed from Lepo Bunga campsite to the pick up point of the 4wd. That’s 3.4km on slippery laterite soil.

We had nice clear view at Murud peak-15/5/2017 and on the way down, it was raining heavily. Most other times, it was raining so the hike was very muddy, slippery and wet.

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