Gunung Stong

Over the weekend, I went hiking in the beautiful state called Kelantan. We took the bus of 30 pax and travelled over 325.7 km to Dabong from Kuala Lumpur.

We went 3d2n and hike Gunung Baha 1,450 meter, Gunung Ayam 1,550 meter, Gunung Stong 1422 meter a.s.l. We departed from Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya 1.45 am and reached Dabong around 10.30am. We waited for the van to head to Stong trailhead and departed Dabong around 2.30pm. We arrived the trailhead and hiked 1.5 hours to Camp Baha. We chilled and set up camp, cooked and swam in the river. It rained heavily at night but somehow we managed to get some sleep.

Next day we hiked 10 hours to Gunung Baha, Ayam and Stong. It was tough hike for some as they injured their knee. The rest was easy going as we hiked, talked and enjoyed everyone’s camaraderie. On the way back, it rained heavily. I managed to reach Camp Baha around 6.50pm just before the river rise. Some were unable to cross the river as the river level have rise. They crossed the river around 8pm.

Next day, woke up early wanting to see sunrise but could not see the sun rise. It was  misty. Luckily we did sunrise the first day. We visited the the upper falls where the 7 wells are. These were small Jacuzzi pools where you can dip one person inside.

We soaked ourselves int he waterfall, took many photos and came down around 11am. Played slide with the guides help of rope set up.

We departed Dabong back to KL at 4pm. Arrived around 10.47pm on Sunday. A memorable weekend. Did not take much photos except these two and stayed off my phone as much as possible. Connected more with people and nature.

There is always time to discover oneself when you make yourself available to nature.

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